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The Hermanus Tennis Club has 6 brand new tennis courts with flood lights on 4 courts. The membership count consists of +/- 150 members with a good balance between social and league players. Social days are on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Visitors are very welcome!

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Tennis at HSC

Tennis has been played in Hermanus for many decades. Mention is made of guests of the Marine Hotel playing before the advent of WWII. The Hermanus Squash Club and the Hermanus Tennis Club amalgamated in 1987 and were run as one club until 2019. The Hermanus Squash and Tennis Club was dissolved on 3rd May 2019 and moved to the new site adjoining the Hermanus Cricket Club. The Hermanus Squash Club and the Hermanus Tennis Club separately affiliated to HSC on that date and are now run under the umbrella of HSC.


The ethos of Hermanus Tennis Club is to accommodate players of all standards, to promote a love for tennis and have fun, both on and off the court. We want members and visitors to enjoy their tennis and improve their skills in a friendly, safe, clean and comfortable environment.


The current committee was elected at the 2022 AGM. The members are : John Cowan (Chairman), Carien Gooding, Enrico Orru, Marianne Redelinghuys, Nicky Smit (Secretary), Craig Bredenkamp, Phillip Smit and Gauvain Booyens.

Use of facilities

Members: Members are welcome to use the courts anytime (for free), except when the courts are booked for Social Tennis (see below), or for League or any other official use.

Visitors: Visitors are also welcome to use the courts, but a Visitor’s fee is payable, either to the Supervisor on duty, or to the bar attendant when the Clubhouse is open but the Supervisor is off duty. At other times, we kindly ask visitors to pay the fee into the Honesty Box, between the two toilets near court 2 or pay by Snapscan on the notice board.

Visitors playing with a member: The Visitor’s fee is still payable by the visitor.


Members can book online using the Skedda App. New members will be advised on how to register. Visitors may book courts by phoning the booking number: 064 935 2248

Social Tennis

For regular social players: The club organises Social Tennis on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, starting at 2pm and finishing round about 5pm. It is not essential to be present at the start of the afternoon.  Players mix in and an imperfect system is in place to try to ensure that players do not play with the same players too often.  Visitors are welcome.

Members pay R20 and visitors R50. This includes ball fees and tea.

For Ladies who are returning to tennis: On Tuesdays and Friday mornings, a session is offered for ladies who are returning to tennis and who feel the Wednesday and Saturday social is presently beyond their standard. This session starts at 9am and continues for about 2 hours. Please contact Lynn on 071 109 8175.

Tennis Addicts (aka The Early Birds): The Tennis Addicts are a group of (mainly) men, of senior years (in part), men and ladies of all ages (exclusively),  who love to play for the joy of playing at the foot of the mountains, enjoying the early mornings (usually), with a sense of fun and joie de vivre (always).

Tuesdays and Thursday at 7am in the summer. The Addicts are very keen to add to their numbers, so if you think this is the group for you, please contact Vic on 082 785-5145

League Tennis

The club has been playing in the South Boland leagues for some years. A mixed team plays in the Mixed League in October and November. In 2022, 3 teams entered and all three teams won their league, including 1st league. Teams play in Mens and Ladies leagues in February and March. In 2023, 3 Mens teams entered and all 3 teams won their leagues, including 1st league. 3 Ladies teams entered and one team won their league.


In recent years, the club championships have been held over three weekends at the end of November, culminating in Finals Day on the first Sunday in December. There are five events : Men’s  and Ladies’ Singles, Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles and Mixed Doubles. The current champions are :

Men’s Singles : Pieter Joubert

Ladies’ Singles : Roxy Bredenkamp

Men’s Doubles : Charles Wheeler, James Corns

Ladies’ Doubles : Helen vd Berg, Adéle van Emmenis

Mixed Doubles : Roxy Bredenkamp, Ben Loots

Fun Round Robins

From time to time the club organises Fun Round Robins. This is a mixed fun tournament, open to all, maximum number about 30. Before play starts, players draw a partner. They play with the same partner all morning, but halfway through each match, they swap partners with the other side. Each player keeps his/her own score and the winner at the end is the player with the most games. There is a small entry fee and any profits go to the Garden Fund.

Visiting Teams

In the last few years we have welcomed some visiting teams (Pinelands, Kelvin Grove, Hampshire UK et al) who have enjoyed matches against our members, or with our members. We welcome visitors to our town and would try our best to accommodate any requests.


The Joubert Tennis Academy is based at Hermanus Tennis Club.  The Academy offers a vast array of tennis coaching programs at the club and also within the Overberg region. These programs encompass beginners and social players as well as advanced tennis players competing in ranking tournaments. The Academy caters for Adult as well as Junior players.

Website :   Email :


On site at HSC is the Pro-shop. This shop is connected to the Joubert Tennis Academy and provides for all your needs for tennis and squash. Racquets, balls, restringing, shoes, bags and sports wear are all to be found at the shop. If you need advice regarding a new racquet, speak to one of the coaches – they’re very willing to help.  Cell no : 074 420 1971

Court Etiquette and behaviour

Tennis is a sport that is often played without supervision or officials. As a tennis player, it is important that you know and follow the rules and practice the courtesy of good sportsmanship and etiquette on court. Please abide by the following rules which will ensure a better playing experience for all players.

  • Wear appropriate clothing on court. Shirts must be worn and no cut-offs or jeans.
  • Proper footwear must be worn i.e. heel-less sports shoe or takkie – no pimple sole.
  • Cell phones must be silenced (unless for emergency purposes.)

  • No food or drinks (other than water and sports drinks) or chewing gum on courts.

  • No skateboards/scooters/roller-blades allowed. Only tennis is played on the courts!

  • Respect the court surface – no sitting on your racquet, no hitting the court surface with your racquet.

  • Respect the fencing – no deliberate hitting of balls against the fences, no climbing on fences.

  • No leaning on the net please.

  • Keep the courts clean by picking up and throwing away any rubbish, papers, empty bottles or ball can lids.

  • Please close the gate when you leave.

Have Fun!

The entire objective of playing tennis, aside from being good aerobic exercise, is to have fun. You can follow these rules and proper etiquette and still have a good time on the courts – the players on adjacent courts will appreciate it.

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